Why detoxify?

Put simply, detoxification is cleasing the body on the inside.  It is as important as bathing or brushing your teeth, it is one of the most important health related functions we can perform during our lives, and is surprisingly easy for us to undertake.  Toxicity is a problem that virtually every person will encounter during their lifetime.  Toxins come from our food, air, household cleaners, cosmetics, alcohol. Prescription drugs and a variety of other sources.  As more toxins accumulate, our bodies are less effective in naturally eliminating those toxins.

Signs of toxicity

Toxins in the body contribute to a variety of health issues which may include:

- Obesity                                - Low Energy

- Digestive Problems             - Low Sex Drive

- Irritable Bowel Syndrome    - Mental Fog

- Chronic Pain and Arthritis    - Skin Problems

- Allergies and Sensitivities    - Depression

- Cancer

Ion Cleanse – In a gently footbath, charged ions are generated to attract and attach to neutralized toxic particles.  By osmosis, toxic particles are pulled from the body through the sweat glands of the feet

Ionic Therapy was conceived specially to remove the toxins from your body, put simply, detoxification is cleansing the body on the inside.

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